KURT anniss + NATHAN barton

“As long as I am creating, I’m happy”

With his top-knot and shoes more likely to be strewn in a corner than on his feet, Kurt Anniss lives, eats and breathes by this mantra as he welcomes the creative juices to flow through him. The spiritual, yoga loving, clothes hating (though he hasn’t shown up to a photo shoot naked…yet), summer worshiping photographer/cinematographer half of Anniss + Barton is known to shoot from the hip as his amorphously artistic approach creates exquisite photographs and insane videos that leave jaws dropped.

“As long as Kurt’s pointing the camera in the right direction, I’m happy”

A lover of fine suits, fine art, fast cars and Hendricks, Nathan Barton has a keen eye for detail and finds inspiration in a structured approach to the creative process. While it’s not unusual to find him locked away, working on set design or lighting diagrams as he preps for a shoot, Anniss + Barton’s Producer/Director has a passion for collaborating with others to create and produce stunning stills and cutting edge video (a passion perhaps rivalled only by his love of all things Star Wars…and, okay, maybe that Hendricks).