“It’s not an image you fall in love with, it’s a production.” 

And producing timeless and commanding video and stills is what these guys live to do. That’s why when you collaborate with Anniss + Barton, you collaborate with Anniss and Barton. Whether your vision needs wings to fly or your vibe is looking for legs to crawl, both Kurt and Nathan will work alongside you and your team; from concept to creation to completion.

Anniss +Barton offer all this at a convenient “one-stop-shop”. Whether it’s location scouting, casting, hair and make-up artists or that purple unicorn with the sequinned horn prop you’ve been looking for, Anniss +Barton have it (excuse them for a minute as they browse unicorns on eBay), all at their versatile, state of the art photography studio, located in the heart of the South Yarra Fashion District of Melbourne.

The hand-picked team at their full service production studio is fashionable, creative and somewhat crazy – er sorry, I’ve been told the word is unique – and all offer uncompromising standards, all the time. With seamless communication, creative problem solving and teamwork, these talented artists and collaborators love their jobs and, if they may say themselves, the proof is in the proofs.

Experienced and prepared for almost anything, Anniss + Barton can ensure from pre to post production, your shoots runs smoothly, on time, on budget with no detail overlooked. They’ve even learned that the importance of good coffee can never be underestimated.

“If you don’t attempt to give your brand imagery a visual identity then you deny it the opportunity to have an enviable position in the market.”

Anniss + Barton have gotten so good at crafting this, they’re now sought out for their advice by fellow photographers and other up and coming artists. They give it ~ they are good blokes after all.