Secrets to Creating a Winning Photographic Hair Collection

Secrets to a Winning Photographic Hair Collection

Anniss+Barton are a hair and beauty photography duo based in Melbourne. Working with some of the industries top hair artist and brands over the past 7+ years, including Kobi Bokshish, Jules & Benni Tognini, Uros Mikic and brands such as L’Oreal Professional, Matrix, Kerastase, Toni & Guy and many more.

We are Kurt Anniss + Nathan Barton and below are some of our tips and trick for you to create a winning hair collection

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Preparation is without a doubt the single most important part of any collection shoot.Your photographer should schedule pre production meetings with you and the team to ensure everyone is on the same page. You should know the styles you want to create on the day and the order in which you will shoot them. All the prep work needs to be done before you get on set. Mood boards need to be in place so on the day of the shoot, there are no surprises.


Photo shoots are a team effort. Remember, this is your shoot, your vision, you are in charge. But it’s impossible to do everything yourself. Your team is crucial to the outcome of your shoot. You will need an assistant or 2 to help with the hair, MU artist, Garment stylist and hair photographer. You should also consider a nail technician. Bad nails can ruin an awesome shoot. Ideally your photographer will have a team of professionals that can help you create a winning collection.

Someone once said to me, if you have trouble with your eyes would see a GP or would you go to the optometrist? Optometrist! Seems logical right? Well same thing applies to your photographer. Find a photographer that specialises in hair photography. Hair photography is all about the shape, texture and silhouette of the hair. It is a hair competition and your final images need to showcase your talent.

‘Like bringing lambs to the slaughter, your creative effort can be, inadvertently, judged by the talent you use’.

Casting suitable models for your collection is an important part of the creative process. Doing it well speaks to the ability to manage concepts and ideas and bring them to life. Model castings are a great way to connect with both experienced and undiscovered talent. During your model call, it is recommended that the photographer shooting your collection be present to shoot digitals for your reference (and to get a feel for how the model photographs with a professional); alternatively, you can take a snap for your own reference.

Ensure model is aware of all cut and/or colour processes (including any and all changes) and all required time commitment(s). If you are using an agency represented model (and even if you are not), discuss the potential for print and digital media usage of the usage for the final image(s).

If you look at all the finalist over the years, you will notice that they all tell a story or have a concept that ties the collection together. This is important. There should be a common element throughout all the images in the collection. This could be the garment styling, make up, colour, or props. It’s a collection after all so they need to sit together as one story.

It goes without saying, the hair needs to really pop. It’s a hair competition, you need create something that is original, creative and technically brilliant. This is your part, your photographer will be able to guide you but this is your collection. Remember everything looks smaller on camera, so if its big hair you are going for then make it 25% bigger for the camera. If something isn’t working on the day, wash it out and start again. Don’t except something that is second rate, a photoshoot is a big investment and it’s you time to shine. We would also suggest to shoot 8-9 looks so you can select your 6 strongest images for the collection.

Most importantly have fun.

If you are looking at creating a photographic hair collection we would love to hear from you. Lets us know your ideas and dates, we would love to help.