Hair artists; Thinking Hair Collections

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Hair artists; Thinking Hair Collections

Hair artists;  Thinking Hair Collections  – turning your inspiration into a concept

When thinking about your next hair collection, whats you concept…  It’s can be as important to your collection as being technically great at your craft… Having a good idea / concept that ties your collection together, makes for a better hair collection.

Being technically savvy in hair is important, but when you’re putting together your hair collection whether for personal or for competition, it is also very important the images that you and your photographer create, have a narrative, a story, a theme, have something that binds them together –  a concept.

Looking through the pages of a magazine, you can easily see where one set of images begins and ends, purely based upon the concept behind the images.  It could be a colour or tone, a common item, a texture.

Finding your concept can be one of the most important steps.   You have your idea for what you are thinking for the hair, your inspirations and reference batch of images, movies, quotes, a plethora of thoughts rummaging in your head. It all plays into building out your concept, and taking these from your ‘minds-eye’ to conceptualisation is your next important step. Turning them into something that can be turned into a picture narrative/story.   Something that the viewer/audience can be engaged with, makes them intrigued or interested – thats what will help get you noticed.

You have your base idea/concept.  Now how does it come together.  Are the models blonde, brunette, redhead; are you cutting, colouring, styling?   Are there props, is it a location, in studio.

Sometimes it helps to sketch things out or make a collage, use Pinterest boards, etc.

For us, as photographers, we collect inspirational images and put them into dedicated Pinterest boards while we sit on an idea and then once we have a good selection, we create our moodboard.

Your moodboard can include anything at all, so-long as it makes sense to you for your concept.

This concept is what will bind your collection together, it can help give rise to greater creative with your hair and it will help you give your own voice to the initial ideas you originally had.  Your imagination and creativity is boundless once you have a concept to work with.

We hope this info helps with your next creative process for your hair collection, and gives your an idea of the thought process behind translating your inspiration into concept.

If you want help or further info on the points raised in this post – email us here – we’re creatives looking to help other creatives expand their ideas, and we’d love to help.