Anniss+Barton – Canon DREAM Squad

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Anniss+Barton – Canon DREAM Squad

As featured on Canon Australia – Dream Squad



Being paid for our art and creative work, it’s a challenge. When you’re starting out it’s all about valuing your time, craft and quality


Briefly describe your business?

We are photographers, we work as image makers and video producers/directors.  We capture all things in Hair, Beauty, Fashion and Advertising.

What were you doing before you turned your passion into your career?

Kurt:  I was a salesman, working as an Insurance Broker. It was the wrong career choice for me, it didn’t suit my personality or life but it had an attractively high salary.

Nathan: I was working as manager in retail with Bunnings and advertising with Nova Radio.   It paid well but just wasn’t fulfilling.

What has been your biggest business challenge?

Making Money!  Being paid for our art and creative work, it’s a challenge.  When you’re starting out it’s all about valuing your time, craft and quality.

When did you know you made the right decision in turning your passion into a business?

We were driving down St Kilda road, and saw our work printed on a billboard poster – we literally crossed over 4 lanes of traffic pulled over and took a photograph of ourselves in front of our shot – that was the moment.

Describe the people in your dream squad.

Our team- makeup, hair stylist and creative team. We are all here for the same reason.

What was the first photo you took for your business?

Our first job was photographing for a swimwear campaign for an Australian swimwear label. They still use our images to this day – since we didn’t understand usage so well back then 🙂

Do you use social media as business tool?

Yes! Social media is a big form of marketing for businesses.  We use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.    Nowadays, clients can look at our Instagram and judge whether we are the right one for the job.

What are your top tips in turning your passion into something more?

  1. Start as soon as you can, don’t hesitate and don’t let others deter you from your passion if you truly have the drive to become a photographer.  Assist photographers in the area you would like to work in and learn from them. Learn not only their techniques but watch how they deal with customers and the little details they do.
  2. Focus on what you’re interested in. What keeps you excited about photographing?  If that’s photographing hair & beauty then do that and keep doing it until you’re the person who does it so well everyone else looks to you – it’s your identity
  3. Build your team and get the best creative team around you can muster
  4. Learn about usage, costs of doing business, working with professional team etc.
  5. Always be willing to learn. In a constantly evolving industry it is vital to remain current.