‘How the Right Model Strengthens Your Hair Art’

Tip One – Model Experience Level

We’ve found that the more experienced the model the more aware they are of their body language and body placement, the more confident they are in front of the camera (i.e. more fluid with their movements and direction is quite effortless – even bringing new ideas/poses to light)! This is not to say you can’t have this experience with less practiced model.

You want to ensure the best fit for your collection. Ensure to cast a model with either a dynamic look and/or a look that compliments your new hair collection style.

The talent you select will contribute to the teams overall synergy.


What is your creative process and end purpose?
Ensure model is aware of all cut and/or colour processes (including any and all changes) and all required time commitment(s). If you are using an agency represented model (and even if you are not), discuss the print and digital media usage for the final image(s).


 The casting process Model calls are a great way to connect with both experienced and undiscovered talent. You may also want to use the model call as an opportunity to how the model suits your hair collection style (if you are creating your look using a wig, this is a great time to check the fit with the models head shape/size). Ensure your casting call specifies that models are to arrive with no products or hair extensions in their hair and that hair is freshly washed.

During your model call, it is recommended that the photographer shooting your collection be present to shoot digitals for your reference. This also allows you to get a feel for how the model photographs with a professional; alternatively, you can take a snap for your own reference.

Casting a suitable model for your collection is an important part of the creative process. Doing it well speaks to the ability to manage concepts and ideas and bring them to life. We want to ensure you’ve nailed talent selection process during your preparation for your next hair collection and award entries.

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About the Author – Anniss+Barton

Photography duo, Kurt Anniss and Nathan Barton. Our creative style is quirky, sexy, polished and a little risqué, which we apply to the Hair & Beauty and Fashion realms. having produced woks & campaigns from local fashion houses, to large multinational hair brands such as OSMO Australia to the L’Oréal Group,  including, MatrixKérastaseRedken 5th Avenue and Shu Uemura.