TABACCO ROSE by Daniel Di Iorio

  “TABACCO ROSE”  vintage touches, family heritage, beautiful hair  Team Credits;   HAIR: Daniel DiIorio @ DIIOR10 SALON TALENT: Rachel March @ Brazen Talent Management, Emma Tomic, Lauren Rice, Brooke Mitchell and Kristina Srzich @ Debut ManagementHair Assist: Michelle Bruscino & Laura GiansanteMUA: Francesca Ripepi using NapoleonSTYLING: Madeline Hamiton using BabyLikePony, THE LABEL, Runaway The LabelSTILLS: Anniss & Barton “BEHIND THE SCENES”   Hair photography by Anniss+Barton.  Talk to us for your next photography collection or video production.  We provide full production services, Australia Wide and Internationally capable.  We’re here to help 🙂   Hair Photographers | Beauty Photographers | Fashion Photographers Melbourne, Australia.  Photography and Video

Gritty Pritty with Nikki Porter @ RUBI Hair

  “GRITTY PRITTY”  subtle colours, beautiful hair and attitude for style.  A blend of beautiful and lived in hair for a collection that conveys a feeling of  ‘I woke up like this’ Team Credits;Talent: Sarah Macleod & Caitlyn Sanderson @ Giant Management, Naomi Piota, Amy Gowan, Maddy Lukes @ Scene ManagementHair: Nikki Porter @ …